Event Details

Monday 23 September 2019 - Friday 4 October 2019

How much do you actually know about Japan’s food and drink? Sure, you’ve watched enough episodes of Iron Chef and Takeshi’s Castle to claim some vague affinity for the nation but can you tell your karaage from your tonkotsu? Considering you live in London, we’d hope so. Our city is filled with excellent Japanese restaurants; and you’ll find izakaya joints and fast-food outlets rubbing shoulders with Michelin-starred sushi.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with JFOODO – a division of the Japanese government that promotes food and drink – to celebrate London’s love of Japan and create Japan Week. Taking place from 23 September till 3 October, the event is set to showcase the country’s unique food and drink.

Restaurants and bars both big and small will be taking part. Aqua Kyoto, Sakagura and more are getting involved, as well as non-Japanese names like Avenue and immersive experience pioneer Gingerline. From National Dumpling Day on 26 September and National Katsu Curry Day on 27 September to World Sake Day on 1 October, the ten days will be packed full of one-off events, limited-edition menus and exclusive discounts.

Find out more at japanweek.co.uk