Are you a chef? Do you have an epic colleague behind the bar who's a whizz on the boston shaker? Perhaps you're a mixologist with a talented sous chef pal who's a culinary genius? Either way, Don Papa wants you. Well, specifically, they want you to create a food and Don Papa Rum cocktail pairing based on the theme 'Food by Fire' with the winner being sent on an epic adventure to the brand's home in the Philippines. Sounds pretty good, right? 

Picture this: you're lying on a white sand beach, palm trees delicately ruffling up above. The sun is slowly slipping below the horizon, painting everything a honeyed, golden hue. You've spent the day gorging yourself on lechón, adobo and rice drowned in toyomansi sauce in between bouts of snorkelling through vibrant, abundant coral reefs. The calamansi Don Papa Rum daiquiri in your hand slowly sweats in the heat. Life is good. 

That dream doesn't necessarily have to feel so far from reality (at least, that is, if you're a chef or a mixologist who knows their way around a BBQ and a rum cocktail). Open to any resident of the UK, simply whip up an epic BBQ dish with an accompanying Don Papa Rum cocktail pairing, and you're in with a chance to be sent to the Philippines' glitter isles. 

Based on this year’s theme “Food by Fire,” expert judges chef Andrew Clarke (Acme Fire Cult), Budgie Montoya (Apoy and SARAP) and Matt Arnolds (Passing Fancies, Worldclass GB winner 2023) will select eight pairs of finalists who will take part in a live cooking finale competition on July 4th in London. The eight pairs will go head to head in a live final, with the winner being handed an all expenses paid gastronomic trip of a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Fire up that grill. 


The Shaker

  • You can use up to two homemade ingredients for the cocktail
  • Your recipe must use a minimum of 25ml Don Papa Rum. No other rums should be incorporated into the cocktail. 
  • No other spirit should be used in the cocktail at a higher measurement than Don Papa Rum. 
  • You are allowed a maximum of six ingredients for the creation of your cocktail (ice and garnish are not included in this). 
  • Your cocktail should be designed to pair perfectly with your teammates' BBQ dish. 

The Chef

  • Menu: one course – starter
  • Ingredients: no compulsory ingredients are required for this dish. Extra points will be given for incorporating Don Papa Rum into the dish. 
  • Cooking method: BBQ-style cooking.
  • Notes: homemade stocks, glazes, and sauces are permitted. Your dish should be designed to pair perfectly with your teammates' cocktail. 

Sign up here by May 15 to enter.