Japan Centre's new Cook Boxes will have you making katsu curry in a flash

Japan Centre has been helping Londoners get their hands on Japanese produce since 1976. Its new range of Cook Boxes makes cooking authentic dishes at home even easier

Japan Centre's new Cook Box kits – katsu curry kit
Japan Centre's new Cook Box kits – katsu curry finished product

Japan's food culture is one of the world's most revered: whether it's the ramen vending machines or one of the country's many three-Michelin-starred restaurants, Japanese cuisine will always get people talking – so its no surprise that Londoners are completely under its spell.

Japan Centre is a cornucopia of authentic Japanese produce, and a temple for those who crave the flavours of Japanese cooking.

The world-leading food hall – which has had a home in Central London since 1976 – brings together a supermarket, a bookstore, a deli, a butcher and a fishmonger, all designed to help you bring the true flavours of Japan home with you.

Now, Japan Centre is making it even easier to cook top-notch Japanese dishes at home with its new range of Cook Boxes. Each box serves six or more people, and comes packed with produce direct from Japan and a recipe card to help you on your way to a delicious dinner in minutes – all you need to do is pick up the fresh ingredients when you're ready to cook.

Each Cook Box focuses on a different traditional Japanese dish, and there are five diverse boxes to choose from:

1. Cooking Essentials Kit (£29.95)

This hard-working box features all the essential ingredients to create a range of classics including traditional miso soup and sushi to street food favourite takoyaki.

2. Miso Kit, Beginner (£19.95)

Make a whopping 30 portions of traditional miso soup from this kit. Famed for its superfood qualities and source of antioxidant goodness, the box comes with a traditional miso recipe plus all essential ingredients to become a miso pro.

3. Katsu Curry Kit (£16.95)

Create one of Japan's most iconic dishes with this kit, featuring hand-picked quality ingredients including Japan Centre's tasty curry sauce and crispy deep-fried katsu.

4. Okonomiyaki Kit (£19.95)

This brilliant kit comes all the base ingredients to make your favourite okonomiyaki pancake, including flour, sauce, tempura flakes and mayonnaise.

5. Sushi Kit (£19.95)

Get all the essential ingredients to make sushi rolls, from Japan grown rice to nori seaweed sheets. Just add in your choice of fresh ingredients for the fillings.

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