There is truly no better feeling than sitting down after a long day, ice cubes clinking, sipping on a glass of something boozy, creamy and sweet. Our favourite? South African cream liqueur Amarula.

Amarula is an award-winning range of distinctive spirits crafted with the unique flavour of the ethically sourced marula fruit. Found in subequatorial Africa, the marula fruit is packed full of flavour, with a pleasant sweet-and-sour taste that is reminiscent of a plum or lychee. This helps to cut through the creamy flavour, giving the liqueur a balanced finish perfect for refreshing the palate after a big meal (or simply a big day of feasting on Easter chocolate).

Amarula’s responsibly sourced marula spirit is distilled and aged in French oak for two years before being blended with a velvety cream to create its distinct smooth texture. Best served over ice, Amarula can also be added to coffee for a boozy caffeine hit, or use the cream liqueur in your Easter baking to give the sweet treats a fruity finish.

The marula fruit has a rich heritage – the trees have grown for thousands of years across Africa’s subequatorial plains, and elephants alert the community to harvest time, running from January to March every year. The connection between these gentle giants and the fruit is intrinsic to the brand, which is why they feature on the front of all the bottles. In 2008, Amarula took things one step further and launched The Amarula Trust, the charitable arm of the brand that supports elephant conservation, strengthens and empowers communities, and helps build a sustainable future within the marula fruit ecosystem and beyond.

Amarula Cream Liqueur can be purchased from Amazon, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose.