The home of Don Papa rum isn’t technically a place you can visit. Sugarlandia itself might not exist, but it’s heavily based off of the spirit’s physical home: Negros, one of the 7640 islands that make up The Philippines. With sugar running through its veins, it’s no surprise that the country’s most famous rum should choose Negros as its base and inspiration. But what is the point of building the mythological Sugarlandia, if its real-life counterpart can’t be preserved?

It’s this exact idea that has informed Don Papa’s conservation efforts. Working in partnership with a series of charity organisations, the company consistently gives back to its community and the island that has informed its story. As part of this, they release a series of limited edition collectors canisters annually, which raise €50,000 each year for their partners. This year’s release, the Eternal Springs in Sugarlandia canister depicts the rich and diverse flora of the Philippines.

This money goes to places like the Talark Foundation and the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, and this year in particular will help fund a regeneration project across 15-hectares of former mining land in the town of San Jose. The 3-year initiative focuses on reforestation of the land with indigenous tree species and is already seeing immense success; what was once a barren spread of land is now home to a lake that is seeing wildlife return in droves.

The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation also works with Danjugan Island, where the spirit of Sugarlandia seems to be concentrated. A wildlife and marine sanctuary just off the coast of Negros itself, Danjugan Island is rich in biodiversity, the kind of place where emerald green rainforests seem to almost spill over onto impossible white sand beaches and the waters are teeming with aquatic life and hypnotic coral.

In a world where modern life is continuously killing off ecosystems, havens like Danjugan help to foster hope for a positive future. Standing on its shores, as monkeys swing through the trees behind you, you can almost feel yourself slipping into Sugarlandia. That’s money well spent.

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