In the current climate, bills can be a pretty terrifying prospect, but restaurant discovery platform First Table is making sure restaurant ones don’t have to be. By dining out early and booking through First Table, you’ll bag 50% off your food bill for two to four people, paying just £6 to secure the table.

We hear you – it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But the reality is that using First Table is a win-win situation where restaurants benefit from filling tables that would have otherwise been empty while diners take advantage of half-price food bills and the opportunity to expand their culinary horizons to new and exciting restaurants. There’s no sorcery, hidden fees or pesky small print behind First Table, simply early, great-value dining that benefits both parties.

With a world of deliciousness at your fingertips, here are our tips for making the most out of First Table:

Three to try

Here’s our pick of three favourite restaurants to try on First Table


23 Foley Street, W1W 6DU

Headed up by chef Jude Sangsida, Foley’s promises a tongue-tingling feast of modern Asian dishes, all served with a confident amount of chilli. Whether you’re slurping on laksa, devouring hoisin duck buns or tucking into a citrussy som tam, a meal at Foley’s is always a good idea.

1905 London

40 Mortimer Street, W1W 7RQ

Flights might be expensive this summer, but you can get a slice of Greece for a fraction of the cost at 1905.London. It’s the first Cretan restaurant outside of Greek shores, serving up soul-warming Greek home cooking, including soothing chestnut stifado, rosemary snails, boureki and the unmissable slow-cooked Tsigariasto lamb.

Brother Marcus

Various locations

Brother Marcus is the place to go for lip-puckering mezze spreads and vibrant brunch dates. And with four restaurants in London, there are plenty of spots to get your fix. We recommend arming yourself with plenty of fluffy pita to dive into bowls of baba ganoush, tzatziki and taramasalata, making sure to leave room for the unmissable kefir fried chicken rosti.

Take risks

With the allure of slicing your food bill in half, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and leave the shackles of your trusty Italian behind you. There’s a bounty of London’s hottest restaurants listed on First Table, so whether you want to slurp on rich, brothy ramen at Tonkotsu or devour lamb barbacoa at Breddos Tacos, they’ve got you covered.

Get in there early

The earlier you get on with booking a table, the more choice you’ll get for early-bird offer meals, so round up your pals and get a date in the diary ASAP to bag a spot in London’s best restaurants. Plus, by eating out early, you’ll have the whole evening to enjoy, so you can hit up the theatre, cinema, or even better, the pub.

Share the love

With the option to dine with up to four people, there’s never been a better excuse to take your comrades out to dinner. Maybe you want to woo a first date, catch up with that friend you haven’t seen in years or treat your parents to a special meal, and with First Table, you can take them somewhere special without a tear-wrenching bill at the end.

50% off your first early-bird offer

How, you ask? Simply download the First Table app and sign up with the promo code foodism. You’ll get 50% off your first First Table booking fee of £6 when you make an account. Yes, you heard us, that’s £3 to secure 50% off the food bill for two to four people (drinks full price).

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