At first glance, the Corinthia Hotel's Bassoon Bar doesn't look very chaotic. In fact, the neat, ordered lines of its recently converted bar – a beautiful polished black counter that extends all the way from an actual, playable piano to the side of it – its loungey booths and its immaculately stocked back bar give the sense of order, consideration and great taste.

But "to bring a bit of chaos" to this historic Westminster hotel is exactly what incoming bar manager Marcis Dzelzainis (formerly of Dandelyan, Satan's Whiskers and a whole host of acclaimed London drinking dens and World's 50 Best mainstays) wants to do. Alongside restaurateur and natural wine supremo Michael Sager, he's trying to bring a big hit of the wine and cocktail culture that's blossomed in East London to SW1A.

Chamomile Rob Roy from the Bassoon Bar at the Corinthia Hotel London

Chamomile Rob Roy

Another scotch-based drink – this time a take on the rob roy, with a herbaceous liqueur as well as its sweet vermouth.

The menu he and head bartender Joshua Joyce have created isn't full of 'cheffy' drinks – at least not overtly so. The list is heavily inspired by the bar scene of New Orleans, a city that knows its way around a cocktail better than most, but doesn't take itself too seriously. There's plenty of cognac in there – Dzelzainis wants to build on the revived interest in this classic spirit – and drinks are made to be complex but absolutely drinkable. Take the Champagne Julep, a drink that sings with lively peach flavours, with an underlying note of anethole (the naturally occurring chemical that flavours liquorice, fennel and other ingredients) from a deft touch of basil.

Elsewhere, there's a bergamot negroni, all face-smacking citrus with a lighter mouthfeel from a squeeze of lemon juice. Or the Cedar + Oak, at once woody, nutty and bitter, brought together on the palate with a buttery note that comes in just after on the finish.

There's a lot to like here – which, given the pedigree of the incumbent management, isn't exactly a surprise. A slice of the East End a stone's throw from Parliament. Who knew?

Corinthia Hotel London, Whitehall Place, SW1A 2BD;