Redchurch Brewery, Bethnal Green: brewery review

Looking for breweries in Bethnal Green? You've lucked out with Redchurch, an experimental sour beer brewery, taproom and restaurant space in East London

The brewery

Part of the furniture in East London since the start of the city’s craft beer boom in 2011, Redchurch Brewery occupies two railway arches on a backstreet between Bethnal Green Tube and Cambridge Heath overground station. Since moving the brewing of its core range out to Harlow in Essex, there’s been plenty of space for a two-floor taproom and events space, as well as small-batch site that the brewery uses to create an experimental range of sour beers.

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The beer

The brewery’s core range includes all your classic craft touchstones: a low-ABV pale, a punchy 7.4% IPA, an award-winning lager and a dank 6% NEIPA. But it’s the Urban Farmhouse range of sour brews that really wows. Redchurch brews these with using a wild yeast captured on-site in East London, and any fruit used in the brewing process generally comes seasonally from a heritage site in Kent whenever the trees are dropping. Tapped sours in the past have included rhubarb and Japanese knotweed, plus a deliciously tart saison blend. Urban Farmhouse has almost as much to do with natural wine as it does beer, though: Redchurch has been known to collaborate with Renegade Wine on sours brewed with leftover chardonnay lees, and its 18-month barrel-aged sour has been showcased at RAW Wine Fair, as well as being sold as a food-pairing option to restaurant sommeliers across the city.

What else?

About those pairings: downstairs in the taproom from August 2018, the team behind Rita’s Bar & Dining (formerly of Mare Street in Hackney) will be launching a kitchen serving American and Mexican grub in a proper sit-down setting. There’ll be tons of beer pairings, plus a list of cocktails made using Redchurch beers: think an old fashioned made with East London rum and RB’s export stout, or a spritz made with herb sour and Campari. Word has it a washed-rind cheese made with the brewery’s sour culture might just be making an appearance there, too.

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