You don't need to be a great gardener to grow your own delicious produce. In fact, with the Espresso Mushroom Company's growing kits, you don't even need a garden.

The process is simple: the company collects coffee grounds from cafés and restaurants – a process which, as well as cutting down on waste, provides the mushroom spores with the perfect dank, moist environment for mushrooms to grow in – before they're packed away in boxes you can buy.

All you have to do upon getting your Kitchen Garden box home is cut a hole in it, put it somewhere warm and not too dry, and wait – you'll have beautiful pearl oyster or hot pink mushrooms sprouting within a couple of weeks. They've got a beautifully rich, nutty flavour the likes of which you won't find at your local supermarket – plus everything tastes better when you've grown it yourself.

Espresso Mushroom Company's gift sets start from £17.99;