Indulge your inner coffee geek with the Minipresso portable espresso machine

A pocket-sized espresso machine? Sounds bonkers, but we're actually pretty impressed

Minipresso espresso machine3

Do you know your cold brew from your Aeropress? Do you feel disdain towards high-street coffee chains? Do you need a reality check? No, we're joking with the last one – if there's any kind of geekiness that's acceptable, it's coffee geekiness, so we found you a gadget to save your from the horrors of a less-than-perfect brew while you're on the move.

Measuring 17.5cm in length and weighing just 360g, the Minipresso packs a powerful punch for its size. What's more, it's completely powered by hand, using a semi-automatic piston to gradually achieve optimal extraction pressure (8 bar, if you're asking. But you already knew that, didn't you?).

It has a built-in cup and scoop, and holds up to 7g of coffee, so all you'll need to get your fix on the go is hot water.

Wondering how it works? Check out this video: