Some say you can't have it all, and to that we say: sorry, have you met us? Yes, we will have our cake and eat it – or, in this case, drink our coffee and have it to take away in one of these stylish reusable cups. There's none of this 'either or' here. We plan on saving the planet, some pennies, and enjoying a delicious beverage lovingly made by our favourite barista while doing so.

Join us on our quest to cut down on single-use plastic without compromising on life's necessities – aka that sweet, sweet caffeine – by investing in one of these trendy travel cups. They are a sustainable way to keep the coffee (or tea) coming and, as this fantastic data analysis shows, you can earn back the cost off your cup in no time thanks to the bring-your-own-cup discounts many high street and local coffee shops have begun to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get scrolling, your new reusable coffee cup is just a click away.

KeepCup's cork range

KeepCup's cork range in turbine

If you're looking to save the planet one reusable cup at a time, KeepCup's cork range is a good place to start. There's minimal plastic involved (bar the durable and colourful lid) and the cork band around the middle of your cup is made using waste bark from Portugal's wine cork manufacturing industry. Although the soda lime glass cup doesn't do wonders for heat retention, it's pretty tough – which means you don't have to worry about your KeepCup shattering into a million pieces if you drop it mid-sip on the overcrowded Northern Line.

From £19;

Frank Green SmartCup

Frank Green's SmartCup in light aqua blue and mid-orange

Spill-proof, dishwasher safe and BPA-free, Aussie company Frank Green knows what's what when it comes to smart, yet stylish accessories. And, yes, we know, its reusable cups are made of plastic, but they are recyclable, which means by the time your cup has met its last latte and is ready to be traded in for a newer model, you can send it off to be put to good use elsewhere. Find Frank Green's SmartCups in coffee shops across London (including Climpson & Sons and Attendant) or hop online and customise yours to match your mood – we're thinking a rainbow medley for us and one as black as your soul – sorry, coffee – for you?

From £19.99;

STOJO collapsible cup

When you're running from meeting to meeting, having to fit a chunky reusable cup into your already heavy bag is less than ideal. Luckily STOJO's collapsible cups are perfect for those who are always on the go. Its cups are affordable, leak-proof and go from 5 to 1.75 inches tall in one swift movement. Who said size doesn't matter, ey?

From £14.95;

ecoffee cup x Project Waterfall

ecoffee cup's Couleurs Café collaboration with Project Waterfall

Coffee doesn't come cheap. Yes, a hot beverage from Pret might only set you back about £2.60 – now £2.10 thanks to its wonderful bring-your-own-cup 50p discount – but the farmers and communities that help fuel your caffeine addiction don't always get the best deal. However, bamboo fibre coffee cup company ecoffee is working the change that. The brand has teamed up with Project Waterfall, a global aid initiative bringing clean drinking water and education opportunities to remote coffee growing communities. For every Project Waterfall cup sold, money and aid goes towards bettering the lives of some of the world's poorest workers. It's quite literally the reusable cup that keeps on giving.

From £10.95;

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask's coffee flask in lemon yellow

If riding your bike into work always scuppers your morning coffee run, then you need to invest in a Hydro Flask. Its flip cap is leakproof and the textured powder coat means it won't be slipping out your hand any times soon (no matter how sweaty your commute leaves you). It's a functional thermal flask you can take from the city to the countryside with ease, and if you're a fan of iced coffees, it'll be sure to keep it cold, ice cold for up to 24 hours. The hot stuff will stay, well, hot for up to six hours, too – so watch yourself: no matter how strong those caffeine withdrawal symptoms are, chugging is not advised.

From £18.95;


rCUP's reusable coffee cup in mustard and black

Investing in a reusable cup will cut down on your single-use plastic waste, but what about the 7 million (give or take) other coffee cups that are thrown away everyday in the rest of the UK? Thanks to the poly-lining, these paper cups are hard, if not impossible, to recycle, and each year around 2.5 billion of them end up in the bin. But one company reckons it doesn't have to be this way: rCUP has found out how to turn waste cups and their plastic lids into something far more sustainable. Its travel cups are made from 40% recycled polymer and it's hoped that the final 60% will also follow suit in the next 9 months. rCUP's durable yet smart-looking cups are designed to last for ten years and to make sure that happens, the company will even replace any worn-out or faulty parts. If your cup does kick the kerb, though, its easily recyclable across the UK. Cheers to that.

From £12;


JOCO's reusable seaglass cup in vintage green

Sometimes simple is better and nowhere is this more apparent than with JOCO's reusable cups. Its seaglass range is a no fuss, straight-up-straight-down travel mug with a slick silicon sleeve to protect your fingers from getting too toasty or chilly whilst walking from A to B. JOCO's cups are super easy to clean and dishwasher safe, so if you're a busy body with no time for hand-washing, this one is for you.

From £21.50;