Being born in Israel, I was always spoiled by unique, diverse and fresh produce. From Israel, I moved to Lausanne to study hospitality management and received an education in food, service and overpriced restaurants. It was then when I learnt how lucky I was to come from a country where value for money meant something when it came to eating out.

When I moved to London I spent three years in finance at Deutsche Bank. I was at my desk eating three bland meals a day wondering how the capital city didn't have a spot for people to grab a quick meal – crucially, I mean a meal that is healthy without preaching, delicious but not expensive, and never, ever boring. With that in mind, in 2014 I decided to leave the bank and began to grow Farmer J.

It's important that we continue to make sure all our food is sourced from high welfare, predominantly British farms. Unlike many other food spots, when you come into Farmer J, you will not be faced with a wall of products just sitting, being kept warm under the heated lights. We prioritise freshness and 90% of our food is made on-site.

I love the idea that I'm feeding the City with fresh and flavoursome food. It's amazing to see the queues around Leadenhall Street as people line up for their field trays. We recently found out that Farmer J is the Deliveroo founder's go-to lunch. Will Shu goes for the grilled harissa chicken and a side of grilled broccoli dressed with tahini and tamari. We think it's a forking good choice, too.

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