Forget Valentine's Day. We all know that the most important day in February is the 9th: National Pizza Day.

And this year, once again, we've teamed up with pizza restaurants across the country to bring you what you need. No, not a pay rise, cheaper rent and a less arduous commute – although that would be nice. We've only gone and swung you more than 30% off your favourite 'za from more than 620 different spots nationwide.

Yes, we know, terribly exciting, isn't it? Well, do you know what's even more exciting? Just how easy it is to get involved and claim your discount.

All you have to do is head to, select a restaurant on our list and then fill in the form. Your voucher will then land in your inbox, ready for you to go ham (and pineapple) on your discount pizza.

It's easy as (pizza) pie to get involved in National Pizza Day, if you ask us... We're sorry about that one (we're not). But you know who will be sorry? You, if you go and keep all this deliciousness to yourself. Tell your friends. Tell your mum. Tell your cat. Spread the word and get everyone involved in a National Pizza Day party. The more the merrier, always.