Discover sake's food pairing potential during Sake Week

The week long celebration of the oft-ignored fermented rice beverage arrives in London from 22 February-3 March


Fish and chips

In 2019: you're going to have to up your sake game. Natural wines and craft beers are all well and good, but there's something about drinking a glass of sake that's got an unmistakable air of cool about it. It's probably something to do with the fact that Japan – sake's country of origin – is always on the cutting-edge of technological and culinary innovation. It's also got something to do with sake being absolutely delicious. Don't worry if you're not a savvy sake connoisseur just yet, though, because Sake Week is arriving in London to help you get to grips with the fermented rice beverage.

The week-long celebration will take place from 22 February to 3 March, with a number of fantastic restaurants across London committing to embrace the rice wine through intriguing food combinations. After all, sake's diverse flavours, textures and temperatures work in perfect harmony with pretty much any dish. Its rich umami notes complement and enhance the flavour of food thanks to (and forgive us for getting a little science-y over here) a unique concentration of amino acids.

Simply put, food tastes better with sake. And not just Japanese food, either. Eating everything from a newspaper-ensconced fish and chips to a heaving plate of prosciutto and cheese can be improved by having a glass of sake on the side. Don't believe us? Grab yourself a bottle the next time you make your weekly trek to the chippy. If you are, however, looking for something a bit more upmarket than battered pollock, then you're also in luck. A spate of London's finest Japanese joints are joining in on the fun to offer you the chance to try out some top-notch pairings. Restaurants participating in Sake Week include SUSHISAMBA, Flesh and Buns, Umu, ROKA, and many, many more. Your seven days of sake starts soon.

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