Brew By Numbers, London Bridge: brewery review

Bermondsey Beer Mile staple Brew by Numbers serves some innovative and experimental pours out of its South East London taproom

The brewery

Launched in late 2012, Brew By Numbers (BBNo) is one of the OG breweries on the Bermondsey beat, brewing beers of all styles with its distinctive numbering system (more about that later). You'll find the brewery and its taproom in the heart of the action on Enid Street beyond the Moor and Cloudwater taprooms. Since late 2018, the brewery has also housed a second site in a slightly roomier railway arch on Bellenden Road near Peckham Rye Station. Part taproom, part barrel store, it’s the perfect place to sample the whole BBNo range, as well as a select few guest beers across 22 taps.

The beer

Brew By Numbers' main focus has always been on creating beer in eclectic styles, and its tap list often stands up to that: down the years, it's brewed more than 30 different styles of beer, and experimented with as many as 30 different recipes under certain styles like saisons and pale ales. It's these styles – fruit-infused saisons, massive hop-bomb DDH pales and occasional triple IPAs – that earn them the biggest love from London beer lovers, but BBN makes a mean fruited sour and barrel-aged dark beer, too.

What else?

If you’re slightly confused by BBNo's numbering system, here's a quick guide to help you out. The first two numbers denote the style of beer, while the second two digits refer to the recipe used: 01|01, for example, is a saison brewed with citra hops, while 08|01 is a stout made at an export strength of 7%. 08|03, meanwhile, is still a stout, but this time one that's made with cacao nibs and Seville orange zest. Simple.

75 Enid Street, SE16 3RA;