London Larder: The Can-D Food Co.’s candied smoked salmon

We've searched the far reaches of the capital to bring you the very best of London's artisanal produce – this time, we're chowing down on some sweet and satisfying candied smoked salmon

The Can-D Food Co.'s candied smoked salmon

What is it?

Sustainable Scottish-farmed salmon that's been given the jerky treatment. Sliced against the grain, this salmon is dry-cured and then brined in a unique mixture of salt, honey and maple syrup. It's then air dried and smoked over whisky barrel oak to give it its smoky tang. Not only is it a great for on-the-road snackage but it's low in sat fat, packed with zinc, vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. Which sounds pretty good to us.

Who makes it?

Founder Niall Carroll and his ursine partner-in-crime, Brian Bearu. Brian is an Irish-Canadian black bear who acts as chief taster of all of Can-D Food Co.'s products. Allegedly. We're not convinced the bear actually exists but we can confirm that the brand is based in Bethnal Green, East London.

What does it taste like?

Once you've got past the somewhat jarring nature of sweet salmon, very tasty actually. It's sweet on the uptake before mellowing out to reveal a familiar smoked fishiness, and makes a welcome alternative to beef jerky. It pairs well with cream cheese and blinis but is just as pleasant eaten on its bill.

Where can I get it?

The Can-D Food Co. Ltd can supply Candied Smoked Salmon in 50g or 100g packs for retail and 250g packs for catering and hospitality customers. You can order yourself (or bribe your local greengrocer to order) some salmon-y goodness at