What is it?

'Booch in a bottle that stands out like a work of art next to all those corporate-cans of pops it just so happens to share shelf space with. Kombucha is the drink of the moment (but you knew that, right?) and Fix8's small-batch fruity fermented tea is one way to get your – pardon the pun – fix.

Who makes it?

Freya Twigden, who first fell in love with the brew while living abroad in Shanghai. Her ferment fixation soon took her to one of the world's most forward-thinking fermentarians – a humble pickle shop in Berkeley, California. After being inducted into the culture club, she's since brought her style of kombucha to Dulwich.

What does it taste like?

Three fruity flavours form the holy trinity of Fix8's short but sweet range. Between the Strawberry Tulsi (holy basil), Triple Ginger and Citrus Saffron, the latter was our favourite. This 'booch is flavoured with a lovely little blend of tangerine, cardamom, orange blossom oils, and, of course, saffron. Neither too sweet nor acidic, we wouldn't mind dropping a wee shot of gin or elderflower liqueur into this one to create a beautiful 'boochie cocktail for the sunny months ahead.

Where can I get it?

You can grab it on fix8.com, and all sorts of organic and health shops love a bit of this 'booch, too. We picked our lot up from Natural Law in Battersea, but Planet Organic is the place to turn if you want to make sure a bottle of this kombucha will always be in stock.