What’s the product?

The UK’s first handmade, 100% vegan coffee liqueur. It’s made from vodka and cold-brew coffee that’s gone through a four-point extraction process over a 21-day brew cycle, with organic and fairtrade botanicals (such as chocolate and vanilla) thrown into the mix.

Who makes it?

It’s made in a converted shipping container in Dalston, East London (of course) by Tem Mellese, who grew up in Ethiopia where the act of consuming coffee is very much ritualised and tied to the community. That’s a fitting connection given COLD&BLAC is a cooperative part-funded by a Kickstarter campaign and owned by contributors and permanent workers.

What does it taste like?

It’s sweet and caramelly and tastes surprisingly good swirled into tonic water. Pop the bottle and on the nose you’ll pick up those hints of chocolate. If you want to rock the smooth bitterness of the cold brew coffee, roll that liqueur straight over ice.

Where can I get it?

Pick up a bottle from the Whisky Exchange, Abel & Cole or from coldandblac.com. It retails at £29.99 for 50cl, which is good for about 9 and a half espresso martinis at just over three quid each (think about that next time you order one for £9 in Soho).