It's easy to fall into the routine of drinking the same trusty bottle of red, but isn't it time to shake it up? And no better way to dip your toe into something new than with a bottle of Cafayate Estate, an excellent, award-winning expression of an Argentinian malbec from the Salta region.

The wines from Cafayate are born out of extreme conditions, and come from vineyards which are among the highest in the world, at a lofty 5741ft above sea level. By day these high-altitude Argentine vineyards are exposed to blistering sun, giving the grapes a thicker skin, where the colours, tannins, aromas, and flavours become concentrated. And by night, the cool temperatures maintain the natural acidity translating into full, rich, vibrant, concentrated yet refreshing wines, full of personality and joy.

Cafayate Vineyards

Cafayate Estate is a more complex expression of malbec, showcasing the same varietal purity that is characteristic of the Salta region. Producing only 2% of the country's wine, the boutique area of Salta makes a completely unforgettable and unique malbec.

Since 1850, Cafayate has produced these expressive wines at a unique, high-altitude level, with a tangible and certified commitment to sustainability. The full winemaking process, from harvest to fermentation, ageing and bottling, is 100% completed in its winery, made entirely from the grapes grown at its vineyards. Even better, these wines are the first in the Cafayate Valley to be certified by Bodegas de Argentina for Sustainable Agriculture.

How does it taste?

Cafayate Estate is a medium-bodied wine with good acidity, hints of red and black fruit, spice and vanilla. It's refreshing and easy to drink, especially when paired with lamb chops, smoky grilled aubergine, or teriyaki salmon. This Argentinian malbec is starkly different from French versions in structure and flavour; and is a good investment for wine collectors, as it can age for several years before drinking, so future you can thank current you later.

The range also includes Rutas de Cafayate, an easy-drinking malbec inspired by the unique landscape of route 68 that connects Salta City with Cafayate Valley.

Discover Cafayate Estate (RRP £10) and  Rutas de Cafayate (RRP £8) at Sainsbury’s or Amazon