When it comes to sneaking alcohol in or out of somewhere, there's a bit of dodgy ground to cover. For example, if you're carrying it in a debonair, beautifully crafted SWIG hip flask, it's absolutely fine. It's cool, in fact.

In a clear plastic water bottle? Not so cool. Plus, you run the risk of "never being allowed back" because you're "ruining the aquarium for everyone". We assume.

Thankfully, it's the latter rather than the former we're talking about. SWIG's flasks come in hand-embroidered tweed, Spanish leather or Scottish heritage-inspired pouches (or 'naked', if that's your thing), and can be engraved to order. So whether it's a present for the imbiber in your life, or to yourself, it's a gift to be savoured, and one you'll appreciate more every year that passes – much like the liquid inside.

From £49.99; swigflasks.com