Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson


Mike was born to eat and drink, so it's lucky he's editor of Foodism. His favourite cocktail is a negroni, his favourite wines are from California, his favourite spirit is whisky (with and without the 'e') and his favourite food probably changes too often to list. Maybe pizza. In what little other free time he has, he withstands being routinely disappointed at the home of his beloved Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Mike Gibson's articles

Flavour of the Week: Ben's Canteen

No-fuss, no frills and with a buzzy atmosphere, Ben's Canteen brings great burgers, daintier small plates and a signature brunch menu to two South West London locations and counting.

Flavour of the Week: STK

Modern American STK gives the London steakhouse model a contemporary makeover – from the text-speak name and unabashedly loud music to the abundant purple neon.

Flavour of the Week: Bobo Social

Not your usual dirty burger shack, Bobo, as the name implies, is all about sharing, with a mix of burgers and artful small plates and sides.

Flavour of the Week: The Bayou

One of the few Creole restaurants in the capital, The Bayou serves up sweet-and-spicy Southern American/Creole soul food fusion.

Flavour of the Week: TĪNG

31 St Thomas Street, SE1 9QU; shangri-la.comNearest Tube: London BridgeWHAT'S THE DRAW: Meaning 'living room' in Chinese, TĪNG is Shangri-La at the Shard's res

Flavour of the Week: Pizza Pilgrims

From a converted Piaggio van to two restaurants in little over two years, the guys spearheading the pizza revolution bring their doughy wares to a second London location.

Flavour of the Week: Stephen St Kitchen

The BFI's resident restaurant, where you can dine at the bar, at a table or in one of its in-house, private screening rooms.

Flavour of the Week: Fire & Feathers

343 Fulham Road, SW10 9TW; Tube: Fulham Broadway/South KensingtonWHAT'S THE DRAW: 'Peri-peri chicken' may remind you of a certain u

Flavour of the Week: Almeida

British/French fusion Almeida, in a great spot right next to Islington's Almeida Theatre, is all about texture and invention.

Flavour of the Week: The Jones Family Project

A quick glance in the window and you might think The Jones Family Project was just another cool Shoreditch coffee bar. If you did, though, you'd be missing one

Flavour of the Week: Kurobuta Marble Arch

Pop-up; restaurant; more restaurants; empire – it's becoming a tried-and-tested formula for talented young chefs, and Scott Hallsworth, who's just opened Kur

Flavour of the Week: Pho, Battersea Rise

Chain restaurants once conjured up images of fast food behemoths or kitsch identikit diners. These days, not so much. Vietnamese chain Pho's restaurants all hav

Flavour of the Week: Dindin Kitchen

One of the best things about London's thriving street food scene is that it's not just confined to the streets, and Dindin Kitchen – branded as the first Pers

Ekachai, Liverpool Street: restaurant review

Liverpool Street's outpost of quick 'n' easy pan-Asian Ekachai gets the once-over from our hungry team

Ceviche shares the recipe for its vaunted pisco sour

Martin Morales, founder of Ceviche and Andina, shares his recipe for the Peruvian classic


Happy Hour: A Mexican double act

Two killer cocktails from Covent Garden Mexican Cantina Laredo

Happy Hour: V Chilli Martini

Have you ever tried chillis in a cocktail? It's one of those things that probably shouldn't work but just, well, does. The sweet, sour tang of sugar and citrus

Happy Hour: La Belle Creole Mary

This punchy number comes right from Mauritius. Provided by The 1904 Bar in the island's St. Regis Resort, it was created to reflect the climate and traditions o

Happy Hour: Two Christmas tipples

Just in time for Christmas, bar mogul Drake & Morgan pops up with a couple of a couple of crackers

Happy Hour: Ol' Blue Eyes

There are loads of well-kept secrets in the realm of the celebrity, but, if we're honest, the fact that Frank Sinatra loved bourbon on the rocks probably isn't one of them.