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Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson


Mike was born to eat and drink, so it's lucky he's editor of Foodism. His favourite cocktail is a negroni, his favourite wines are from California, his favourite spirit is whisky (with and without the 'e') and his favourite food probably changes too often to list. Maybe pizza. In what little other free time he has, he withstands being routinely disappointed at the home of his beloved Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Mike Gibson's articles

Flavour of the Week: Benito's Hat, Farringdon

If the phrase ‘salsa bar’ conjures up images of shirtless Mexicans juggling bottles of multicoloured hot sauces, you’ll be happy to know that you can find

Flavour of the Week: Bravas

There's a stirring in the water at St. Katharine Docks, and it's got nothing to do with the yachts. New concept restaurant Bravas, hidden away in one corner of

Make This: Gado Gado

Gado gado, literally translated as 'mix mix', is the go-to street food in Indonesia. It's simple to prepare, essentially being a big mixed salad with a rich peanut sauce served alongside, but it's flavoursome, spicy and hearty enough to fill you up for hours.

Flavour of the Week: Wright Brothers Spitalfields

The Wright Brothers' new Spitalfields restaurant makes a very welcome addition to its three existing London locations and waterfront inn in Cornwall, and this o