Peter's Yard charcoal & rye crispbreads

These Swedish-inspired crispbreads are made with organic wholewheat flours, organic fresh milk, honey and naturally fermenting sourdough – plus a bit of charcoal, which gives them their unique, dark colour and real depth of flavour. They taste even better with a generous slab of ripe brie or some soft goat's cheese.


Paxton & Whitfield creamed honey with sea salt

If you're already serving honey with your cheeses, well done you. Now take things up a level with this creamed honey with sea salt, made in the French Pyrenees for cheese masters Paxton & Whitfield. With its thick, melt-on-the-tongue texture, and salty edge, it's perfect with a washed-rind goat's cheese.

£5.95; paxtonand

Partizan lemon and thyme saison

Since you've already bought that washed-rind goat's cheese to pair with your creamed honey, how about something to drink with it? Instead of reaching for that bottle of port you opened last Christmas, try the lemon and thyme saison from Bermondsey brewery Partizan. It's light, zesty, aromatic, and really versatile.

£2.75; thewhisky