Power up your snack game with Swisse Me

Swisse Me is a fresh new brand offering healthy on-the-go nutrition in the form of super-convenient smoothies

Tired? In need of a pick-me-up? Dangerously close to stress-eating an entire packet of chocolate digestive biscuits? Yeah, we've all been there before. But if you're interested in finding a healthier snack alternative to remedy your mid-afternoon slump or a natural energy boost that fits in with your busy, active lifestyle, you should check out Swisse Me. And probably follow them on Instagram, too...

Swisse Me is a snazzy new smoothie brand that offers a variety of ready-to-drink products with natural ingredients at their core. Superfoods, fruits, vegetables, protein, minerals… you name it, and it's in a Swisse Me smoothie. Plus, there are gluten free and vegan options, too.

Featuring three smoothie ranges ('Start Me', 'Boost Me' and 'Replenish Me') Swisse Me sell its products in bundles of 8 or 16. Find out more about the range below:

Start Me Breakfast

These smoothies put a twist on morning favourites. Take the Start Me Chia, for example. It's a chia pudding, but not as you know it. It's got all the pips and bits you'd want and expect from a chia smoothie as well as a sweet blend of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, too.

Boost Me Energy Smoothies

These bad boys offer fruit, vegetables and some even have added ingredients like collagen and magnesium (magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue) to help you kick start more goals. The Boost Me Mango is a smooth tropical mix with a gentle kick of turmeric and added protein to keep you going.

Replenish Me Spirulina

Opt for one of these when you're in need a recharge. With superfood spirulina, pear and almond, all blended to perfection, these Replenish Me Spirulina smoothies are super tasty and a smooth, fuss-free pick-me-up when you need it.

Swisse Me helps Londoners like you to – quite literally – squeeze more into your day. A busy morning with no time for smashed avo sourdough? Squeeze in a breakfast smoothie on the commute. A packed day of back-to-back meetings? Keep a stash in your desk drawer. When you're feeling done-in and need a pick-me-up between meals, Swisse Me makes for a healthy alternative that'll refuel you and recharge your batteries without the fuss of meal-prep.

Not only is it a snack on its own, but it can also make a lovely addition to recipes like pancakes, granola bowls, muffins, yoghurt, porridge, and tarts. The only limit is your imagination. The Try Me bundle (16 smoothies for £26.99) is a taster of everything from the smoothie range, and a great way to try them all so you can find out your own favourite. Packs of 8 smoothies start from £14.99

Make Swisse Me part of your daily life on the go and buy your starter bundle at