Summer recipes from The Laundry, Brixon

From a yuzu-dressed tomato salad to a decadent summer fruit pavlova, these recipes from your favourite all-day Brixton bistro will soon become summer staples

For those who have visited the Laundry in Brixton, you’ll understand the magic its owner, chef, wine maven and entrepreneur Melanie Brown, breathes into the place. Having worked with the likes of Raymond Blanc, Peter Gordon and Jamie Oliver, The Laundry unites her training as a chef with her New Zealand heritage to create an all-day bistro with a distinct Antipodean flair.

There’s no time of day when the Laundry isn’t a good idea. Swing by in the morning for a sausage brioche bap lathered in bloody mary ketchup, pop in after work for plenty of al-fresco aperitivo accompanied by pulled pork croquettes or saunter over on a Sunday for a plate of rolled roast pork belly, Yorkshire puds, and a cold glass of muscadet. With a prime Brixton location just five minutes from the tube, there’s no excuse not to drop in.

However, if you cannot pop by, we’ve got some summer recipes from the Laundry’s head chef, Sami Harvey and his team that you can make at home. These three recipes capitalise on summer produce while weaving in convenient store-cupboard and time-saving hacks. It’s maximum wow factor, minimal effort cooking – the perfect formula for every summer soiree.

English heritage tomato salad with yuzu vinaigrette

Capitalise on the best of British summer tomatoes with this simple salad recipe that's elevated with a vibrant yuzu vinaigrette

Serves 1

Preparation time 15 minutes

Yuzu is having a bit of a moment right now, sneaking its way into juices, cocktails, marinades and glazes. And rightly so, this nobbly citrus fruit with bracingly tart juice and a fruity zest provides the perfect uplifting, zingy fragrance to any recipe. Tracking down yuzu can sometimes be difficult, and your best options are either Asian supermarkets or to buy a yuzu tree online – you won’t regret having this citrus fruit on tap.

In this recipe, the lip-puckering yuzu dressing is poured over heritage tomatoes to make a refreshing summer salad you’ll make on repeat. It goes without saying that a tomato salad is only as good as the tomatoes you put into it. So be sure you get your hands on the juiciest, most flavoursome ones you can. There’s no better time to make this recipe than in summer when they’re in season in the UK.


Yuzu Vinaigrette:

  • 30g white wine vinegar
  • 3g dijon mustard
  • 50g vegetable oil
  • 30g mirin
  • 10g yuzu juice
  • Maldon salt and freshly cracked pepper


  • 250g heritage tomatoes
  • 5g parsley, torn up
  • 5g banana shallot, cut into thin rounds
  • Maldon salt and freshly cracked pepper
  • 25g yuzu vinaigrette
  • Micro parsley to garnish


  1. To make the yuzu vinagrette whisk all ingredients together.
  2. To make the salad roughly chop the tomatoes into large, attractive different shapes.
  3. Toss the tomatoes with a generous amount seasoning.
  4. Add in the shallots, parsley and yuzu vinaigrette.
  5. Lay onto your serving platter and garnish with micro parsley.

Sweetcorn fritters, green goddess and heritage tomato salad

Crisp golden sweetcorn fritters, verdant green goddess and summer tomatoes make for the holy trinity of summer salads

Serves 6

Preparation time 45 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

This recipe uses the above heritage tomato salad and gives it some summer-loving with the addition of green goddess dressing and sweetcorn fritters. The fritters are the star of the show – crispy morsels laced with chilli heat that call for tinned sweetcorn so you don’t have to wage war with a cob (and subsequently the first aid kit).

The dish is married together by a retro green goddess dress, which, to those unfamiliar, has been on the scene since the 1920s – made famous by the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. It’s a great way to use up excess herbs knocking around in the fridge. This recipe calls for chives, parsley and tarragon – but feel free to get experimental.


Sweetcorn fritters:

  • 2 x 340g tins sweetcorn, drained
  • 85g cornmeal
  • 12g Maldon salt
  • 65g cornflour
  • 1 long, red chilli - deseeded and finely diced
  • 1 bunch spring onions
  • 35g nutritional yeast
  • 8 cracks ground black pepper

Green goddess:

  • 150g vegan mayonnaise
  • 150g vegan cream cheese
  • ½ small garlic clove, crushed
  • 12g chives, roughly chopped
  • 22g parsley, roughly chopped
  • 15g tarragon, roughly chopped
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • Salt and pepper

House Vinaigrette:

  • 100ml apple cider vinegar
  • ½ small banana shallot, diced
  • 400ml vegetable oil
  • 5g Maldon salt
  • 2g fresh ground pepper

Pickled shallots:

  • 100g banana shallot, peeled and finely sliced
  • 100g white wine vinegar
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 10g table salt
  • 1g white peppercorns


Sweetcorn fritters:

  1. Drain the corn from its tin. Finely chop the chilli and slice the spring onions.
  2. Pulse the corn in a food processor or blender - ensuring some corn is left nearly whole.
  3. Remove the corn from the blender and mix all the rest of the ingredients together.
  4. Rest the mixture in the fridge for 1 hour.
  5. Using wet hands, roll balls of the mixture together - around the size of a small golf ball (30g each). The Laundry quenelle the mixture.
  6. Shallow fry the fritters until golden and crisp on the outside.
  7. The fritters may be fried and then re-heated through the oven just before serving.

Green goddess:

  1. In a powerful, high-speed blender, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.
  2. Store in the fridge until needed.

House Vinaigrette:

  1. Dice the shallot finely.
  2. In a blender, blend shallots, vinegar, salt and pepper and 50ml of oil until well emulsified. This step is important as it is the base of your dressing.
  3. Whilst this is blending, slowly pour in the remaining oil until the mixture emulsifies and turns whiteish in colour.
  4. Store in fridge and use as needed

Pickled shallots:

  1. Peel and finely slice the shallots into rings.
  2. Place the white wine vinegar, caster sugar, salt and white peppercorns into a pot.
  3. Slowly bring to a simmer and stir until the salt and sugar have dissolved.
  4. Remove from the heat and stir in the shallots.
  5. Set to one side to cool.
  6. Jar and refrigerate - use as needed.

To serve one person:

  1. Cut 125g heritage tomatoes into unique shapes and combine them with 15g lambs lettuce.
  2. Dress lightly with house vinaigrette and plate.
  3. Place 5 x sweetcorn fritters on top.
  4. Garnish with 10g pickled shallot, 3 x15g portions of green goddess and finish the dish with pea shoots.

Pavlova with summer berry compote

A classic summer pudding that uses frozen berries for a syrupy, tart compote

Preparation time 40 minutes

Cooking time Overnight

Sometimes, the wheel doesn’t need reinventing, and this statement rings particularly true for a pavlova.

This one from The Laundry uses a trusty bag of frozen berries to make a syrupy compote that’s poured liberally over a chewy, chalky meringue and billows of thick vanilla cream. Whip out this number at a dinner party, and relish in the gleeful squeals of your fellow diners as they tuck in.



  • 3 egg whites, separated from large eggs
  • Pinch table salt
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 30g cold water
  • 10g cornflour
  • 2g vanilla extract
  • 3g white vinegar

Summer berry compote:

  • 200g mixed frozen berries
  • 20g water
  • 100g caster sugar

Whipped cream:

  • 250ml double cream
  • 25g icing sugar
  • 2g vanilla bean paste



  1. Draw 5 x circles on baking parchment - 6cm diameter so you have the size for piping the meringue. Turn the paper over so the marker pen is on the bottom and place on a flat tray.
  2. Set your oven to 190℃.
  3. Place the egg whites into a stand mixer with a pinch of salt and begin to beat on a medium speed.
  4. Once the egg whites begin to foam, turn up the speed and begin to add the caster sugar spoonful at a time until all is added and the meringue forms stiff peaks.
  5. Add all ingredients to the meringue and combine well.
  6. Spoon the meringue into a piping bag and pipe 5 x nests.
  7. Place into the oven and turn the oven off.
  8. Leave the pavlovas in the oven overnight before enjoying the following day.

Summer berry compote:

  1. Place berries into a large shallow pan, followed by water and sugar.
  2. Slowly bring to a simmer until the sugar is dissolved.
  3. Pass the mixture into a colander and set the berries aside.
  4. Place the liquid back onto the heat over a high heat and reduce down to become a syrup.
  5. Tip back over the berries and reserve for service – serve cold.

Whipped cream:

  1. Place all ingredients into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Whisk until soft peaks have formed - do not over-whisk.
  3. Set aside for use.

To serve:

  1. Place one pavlova shell in the middle of the plate - they are very delicate!
  2. Top with whipped cream followed by summer berry compote.
  3. Enjoy immediately.