Empanadas do not disappoint. At least, not if they’re done right. And I can promise you, De Nadas is doing it right. These authentic, Argentinian bites are full of flavor and cooked to perfection in a pocket sized pastry. They’re a great snack on the go, but be warned that they can quickly become a meal. I ate about six when I went, and I’ve got a small appetite.

This little piece of Buenos Aires is located right in the heart of West London, just a few blocks off of Portobello Road, making it the perfect place to stop during a walk or post farmers market shop. They’re open all day, making it a brunch, lunch and dinner drop spot. 

No matter the time of day, De Nadas delivers. Let’s jump into the details.

What’s The Vibe?

The most casual, welcoming, low stakes but high quality corner shop you could ever ask for. De Nadas is a hole in the wall, the kind of spot that would thrive in New York City. Authentic, homemade, and full of regulars. It doesn’t need the space, or fine dining feel to leave people wanting more. Yes, it’s Instagrammable. But it’s also extremely appetizing, dare I say, addicting? I had to take a box to go…

The packaging is perfect too. They’ve gone for a bumble bee yellow, and dark turquoise for colours. I don’t know what it is about this combination, but just looking at the boxes makes me hungry. Whoever did the marketing deserves a raise!

De Nadas is like your favourite coffee place. Once you find it, nothing else compares. It becomes part of your routine. It’s too cheap, too quick, and too good not to frequent. By the end of your first trip, you’ll know the name of one of the owners. When we went, Nikolaus took care of us. It’s a team of three that run De Nadas. Each as wonderful and inviting as the next.

They have three small tables inside, and four small tables outside. Now that London is shifting away from its usual dreary self, I’d opt for an outside seat. Empanadas, wine, and sunshine. Just what the doctor ordered.

What to Order?

The menu is simple and straightforward. They only serve two things: empanadas and alcohol, and we’re not complaining. Sit back with some sauv blanc, or sip a beer while you snack. These sweet bites are separated by meat and vegetarian options. (Plus one vegan option!) So it’s a winner no matter your dietary restrictions.

There’s fifteen different kinds of empanadas. Our favorites were the classic beef for meat, and the palmitos for veg. But I’ll be honest…every single one is an enjoyable experience. My advice? Try them all with a friend or two over a bottle of wine. Get your favs to go. Become a regular, and mix it up depending on how you feel that day. You can thank me later.

Will it bankrupt me?

Not even close. These empanadas are extremely fairly priced. They know how good they are; most customers are repeat customers. When you want a million, the prices don’t have to be high. One is £3.50, a box of three is £12, a box of six is £23, and a box of twelve is £40.

They’re the perfect grab on the go for the family, the office or maybe just to be roommate of the year.

Anything Else to Note?

The original location near Portobello road has a back room for wine tasting and events. It can seat ten, and the room has a record player with a pretty wicked vinyl collection. It’s the perfect night out for a group. Bring boards games, pop some wine, and eat some empanadas. I can’t think of a better evening.

Need more convincing? De Nadas is doing so well they’re expanding into a second location in Shoreditch, right by one of our favorite bars Callooh Callay. De Nadas is all your drunken night dreams come true.

Did I mention catering? They can host your party, office event, even your wedding. I can promise you whatever the occasion, the guests will be asking for the info after. You can enquire here: hello@denadas.co.uk

PS: De Nadas is on Deliveroo. Happy ordering!

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31 Great Windmill St, London W1D 7LW; De Nadas