Flavour of the Week: Absurd Bird

Shoreditch adds to its flock of Southern-style restaurants in the form of Absurd Bird, which specialises in – yep, you guessed it – fried chicken and moonshine cocktails

Absurd Bird review: Southern-style chicken

What's the draw

Southern fried chicken might not necessarily be something new, but Absurd Bird gives the failsafe classic a tongue-in-cheek twist with kooky decor and a fun, fictional backstory. The birds themselves come from Fosse Meadows Farm, which means they're free-range and slow-bred – an ethos which carries over into the rest of the menu.

What to drink

It's all about the cocktails here: Absurd's own moonshine (which you can buy by the bottle to take home) is put to good use in the Hillbilly Ice Tea, and there's a cracking old fashioned that's made with ginger and lemon, both perfect for enjoying in the speakeasy-style bar downstairs. We weren't quite adventurous enough to try the Cock Shot, though – it's a shot of the moonshine with chicken consommé. Absurd indeed.

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What to eat

The menu is big and busy, with small plates, green plates, sides, wings and whole chickens to choose from. We gobbled up the wonderfully cheesy spinach and artichoke dip; nibbled on buttermilk-fried wings (which, by the way, were enormous); and gorged on Big Mama's Favourite chicken, which was juicy, smoky and just about everything you could ever want from a bird. Don't miss the peanut butter cheesecake either – its biscuit case is made with Oreos. Yuuuuum.

Dinner and drinks for two: about £75. 54 Commercial Street, E1 6LT;