13 Cork Street, W1S 3NS; peyoterestaurant.com
Nearest Tube: Green Park

WHAT'S THE DRAW: High-end Mexican, with some Mayfair gloss and a few authentic rough edges left unpolished. Dayglo skulls line the walls and the bar stocks row upon row of obscure spirits.

WHAT TO DRINK: One of the hedge fund crowd? Stash your private tequila away in one of 20 lockers. For the rest of us, the Peyote Margarita (£13) is a winner.

WHAT TO EAT: Sample small dishes bursting with colour and flavour, from prawn ceviche with zingy salsa verde (£10) to rich, smokey chicken tacos al pastor (£9). Stone Bass al ajillo (£22) is subtle and delicious.