London Larder: Aphrodite's pomegranate ketchup

We've searched the far reaches of the capital to bring you the very best of London's artisanal produce – this time, Aphrodite's steps up to the plate with pomegranate ketchup

What's the product?

The new pomegranate ketchup from Aphrodite's leads something of a double life: you can dip your chips in it, or use as a sweet, sticky addition to a Middle Eastern slow braise.

Who makes it?

The founders' story is an interesting one. Dixie Innes and William Powell set up Aphrodite's as an East London street-food van, cooking dishes that showcased the ketchup. Having built a solid reputation, they've now just put the standalone product on the market. The pomegranate molasses used to make it comes from Lebanon; all the fresh ingredients are locally sourced.

What does it taste like?

It's got the sweetness of molasses, but a big whack of acidity thanks to the fresh vegetables and vinegar. We used it in a slow braise, but it'd work equally well with some salted sweet potato fries.

Where can I get it?

It's available now at Selfridges Food Hall. Or, if you can't get out, you can buy online at for £4.50.