What's the product?

Throw down your supermarket picnic dips and turn your back on that sad excuse for a relish you just made, because Gran Luchito's authentic Mexican salsas are here to transform your chip and dip game for good.

Who makes it?

After a stint of travelling around Mexico, Fergus Chamberlain fell in love with its fresh and fragrant flavours. At the time, finding Mexican food in London was "still harder than finding water in the Mexican desert", so he decided to bring a slice of it back to England and started selling his salsas at Maltby Street Market back in 2012.

What does it taste like?

Gran Luchito means 'great little fighter' and that's exactly what Fergus' smoky chipotle salsa, with its chunky tomato and lingering spice, is. The tomatillo salsa, on the other hand, is fresh and light and would make a fantastic finishing flourish to fish tacos. If you're looking for something a little more out there, dip some chips into Luchito's sweet and funky mango salsa or take a walk on the mild side with a pot of its red pepper salsa, which tastes more like a gazpacho than anything else.

Where can I get it?

Look out for Gran Luchito on supermarket shelves or go to gran.luchito.com to shop the range.