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What's the product?

'The world's most versatile hot sauce' or as we know it, our ideal winter porridge topper: chilli-infused urban honey.

Who makes it?

Owner of ethical nose-to-tail street food truck The Roadery Dan Shearman and his foraging fiancé, Hayley Martin (his words, not ours). Wilderbee's raw, unprocessed honey is sourced from independent urban beekeepers from across London while the chillis come from an organic chilli grower in Berkshire. The story goes that they used to sell bottles to a handful of The Roadery's most loyal customers, but as interest piqued they decided to launch it as a standalone product in 2017.

What does it taste like?

It starts off sweet, obviously. But as the fruitiness subsides, in comes the chilli heat, which builds up a nice burn at the back of your mouth before subsiding into a lingering, peppery warmth. Word on the street is that it tastes as good on mozarella sticks as it does on a bacon sarnie or even ice cream... Well, what can we say? Dan did tell us it was versatile.

Where can I get it?

Find your nearest stockist or snap up a bottle at, or head over to Camden Market and hunt down The Roadery's food tuck to try it out for yourself.

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