If you're a meat lover, you'll want to sit up and take note of Carnivor, which specialises in wines that are made for the mightiest, meatiest dishes on the menu. 

Whether you're about bavette steak, a deeply filling ricotta and steak sandwich, or like to linger over a bowl of belly-warming chilli con carne, Carnivor's offering will boost your dinner and take it from so-so to seriously special. 

The concept is simple: the team at Carnivor realised that delicious, tender cuts of meat that tick every box and dazzle on the plate were being paired with lacklustre wines that just didn't meet the mark.

A foodie just didn't have the perfect bottle of red to match the standard of their braised lamb or thick cut of steak. So, a team of expert winemakers got together to create Carnivor: a wine range that delivers rich, bold flavours with a smooth silky finish, perfect for meat.

It's no secret that red meat is paired best with a full-bodied red wine, and it's all down to the science. Red meat is rich in protein, while bold, full-bodied red wines are often high in tannins, substances that come from the skin and seeds of the grape and give structure and texture to a wine.

On their own tannins can be a little overpowering, but when combined with the high fat content common of prime cuts of red meat the two work together. The fat content softens the tannins, producing a smooth, fruity flavour that works in tandem with the rich flavours of the meat to create an indulgent feast for the palate.

Unlike poultry or white fish dishes that work well with sharp or fruity white wines, red meats need a red wine that’s smooth and bold and Carnivor's premium, award winning zinfandel is the perfect match.

Tasting notes: Carnivor zinfandel

Carnivor zinfandel wine with steak

Carnivor zinfandel pairs perfectly with steak

This jammy, fruity zinfandel sure packs a punch — so much so that it's the UK's favourite zinfandel. At £10 a bottle, it's a captivating blend of spices and an array of dark fruit, featuring pleasant notes of dark cherry and blackcurrant jam that complement the undertone of chocolatey mocha and smoky oak. This zinfandel is perfect with a well-marbled steak like a ribeye, and will feel plush on your tongue at the end of every mouthful.

Need extra temptation? Head to @carnivorwine for photography that'll have you running to the shops in seconds. You can grab a bottle for your next steak night from Ocado, Tesco and Sainsbury's.