Molly Codyre

Deputy Editor

Molly has spent most of her life finishing one meal only to think about the next one, so it's fitting that she has made a career out of writing about food. She lets being a Kiwi take up far too much of her personality and it took her more time than she cares to admit to find a photo of herself without a wine glass in hand. 

Molly Codyre's articles

Skye High: exploring the Isle of Skye with Kinloch Lodge and Torabhaig Whisky

A new distillery on the Isle of Skye is bottling a sense of this magical place. Molly Codyre finds out more at the island's Kinloch Lodge

The sequel restaurant is having a moment

As a swathe of second and third restaurants take the capital by storm, Molly investigates why the year's hottest new openings all seem to be younger siblings

State of the art: when did cocktail menus become works of art?

In an era of flashy bar openings, cocktail menus are using artists to help communicate their drinks. Molly Codyre takes a look

The Foodism guide to Stockholm

Sun, sea, and... smoked fish? Do summer Scandinavian style with a smorgasbord of upscale dining, debaucherous drinking and, of course, ABBA. Molly Codyre reports from sunny Stockholm and its archipelago

Abby Lee: My career in Five Dishes

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced Abby Lee to return to Malaysia for six months, she saw the cuisine of her home country in a whole new light, discovers Molly Codyre. After a crash course in Malaysian cooking, she brought these flavours back to London with Mambow

Finding solace and connection in the kitchen

As the beating heart of any home, the kitchen is a wonderful place to be when hosting. Molly Codyre analyses hiding at the hob

The Murphia List for 2024 has been announced

Celebrating the immense Irish talent within London's hospitality industry, the annual Murphia List has announced its new additions for 2024

After fifteen years and three Michelin stars Hélène Darroze isn't done trying to do better

The chef and patron of three-Michelin-star Hélène Darroze at The Connaught talks to Molly Codyre about fifteen years of running one of London's best restaurants and the desire to always do better

Our deputy editor rounds up her favourite meals of 2023

After a busy year of eating both in London and around the world, Molly picks her favourite meals from 2023

Legacy act: the enduring influence of London's leading chefs and restaurants

A handful of chefs have had an outsized influence on London’s dining scene. Molly Codyre investigates their lasting heritage

A hedonistic 24 hours at Wilderness Reserve's YOXMAN event

On a trip to Suffolk, Molly loses her grip on reality at a dinner so beautiful it seems impossible

Race ready: from the terroir to the tracks with Ferrari Trento

Ferrari Trento is one of Italy's heritage sparkling wine houses. Molly Codyre gets the inside track on the famous brand

I looked my 15-year-old-self dead in the face, and then I ordered a steak

Molly goes to Goodman and is reminded of the liberating joy of eating a whopping big piece of meat

Bitter sweet symphony: how bitters became a bartender's secret weapon

Bitters are an underrated ingredient that have played a central role in the history of cocktail making. Molly Codyre gets the drop on it

Help! The rotisserie chicken is taking over London

This week Molly ate... chicken. And lots of it

Eating and Drinking in Seattle

One of America's underrated cities, Seattle is a food and drink lover's playground. Molly Coydre heads to Taste Washington festival and discovers a destination whose rich and contrasting tapestry is powered by world-class Washington State wines

Raising the bar: how food and the hospitality industry impact prisoner rehabilitation

All too often an afterthought in prisons, kitchens can actually be a cornerstone of the rehabilitation process. Molly Codyre reports on the impact of the food system on current and former inmates

If you need me, I'll be sitting at the counter

As conversations spark about the joys and pitfalls of solo dining, Molly makes a case for sitting at a restaurant counter

As an ill-advised Instagram post proves, London kitchens still have a serious diversity problem

As one chef shares a post celebrating his all-white, all-male kitchen team, Molly looks at where she won't be eating, and the importance of diversity in the restaurant industry

The perfect date venue comes in all shapes and sizes

As a date night reignites Molly's love for dining out, she muses on what makes the perfect romantic restaurant (spoiler: it's not all candlelit corners and moody music)