Molly Codyre

Deputy Editor

Molly has spent most of her life finishing one meal only to think about the next one, so it's fitting that she has made a career out of writing about food. She lets being a Kiwi take up far too much of her personality and it took her more time than she cares to admit to find a photo of herself without a wine glass in hand. 

Molly Codyre's articles

Overdosing on Omega 3 and the power of a Mini Twister

After spending a fair amount of the month by the sea, Molly returns to London to find joy on the Toklas terrace and a menu anchored in history at A. Wong

Mel Brown: "There's a sense of empowerment to say yes, we can do it"

With a career that spans kitchens, front-of-house and now wine sales, Mel Brown is no stranger to the hospitality world. She speaks about New Zealand wine, her time working with Peter Gordon and the power women can have in the industry

After 28 years, Mangal 2 is redefining what Turkish food in London means

Opened by Ali Dirik in 1994, Mangal 2 has undergone a metamorphosis under the stewardship of sons Ferhat and Sertaç, who are creating a modern philosophy of Turkish food in London

Post-holiday blues and bone marrow ice cream

This week Molly Codyre talks about the intricacies of Croatian food, the joy of grilled fish and a dessert that serves up a rare culinary surprise

The National Restaurant Awards winners for 2022

The UK's biggest restaurant awards initiative has come around again, with 61 top London restaurants making the cut in an exciting list filled with new openings and talented chefs

Helen Hall: "I want to be someone who leads a more equitable environment for women"

One of the co-founders of Peckham Cellars, Helen Hall has had a career that traverses kitchens and front of house, management positions and bar work. She talks to Molly Codyre about navigating these different roles, being a woman working in kitchens and opening her own business

Food writing amid a financial crisis, at home and abroad

With the cost-of-living crisis affecting so many people, restaurant dining feels like a luxury that a lot of people simply can't afford, in stark contrast to a home life of freezer dinners and budget woes

Lorraine Copes: "In mainstream hospitality there was never anyone who looked like me"

Formerly a leading procurement executive leader in the food and drink industries, Lorraine Copes pivoted her career path in 2020 to launch Be Inclusive Hospitality, an initiative that aims to tackle diversity issues within the hospitality industry

From New York to... York

From a thought-provoking lobster pasta to a masterclass in cooking over fire and a quick trip to York, it has been a big fortnight of eating for staff writer Molly Codyre

Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill: serving up freshly shucked oysters for 100 years

At Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill, Richard Corrigan has restored this storied seafood restaurant to the glory of its early days, ensuring the oysters remain fresh and the doors stay open to all

Hannah Crosbie: "A lot of women feel like to be taken seriously they have to desexualise themselves"

Event coordinator and wine influencer Hannah Crosbie speaks to Molly Codyre about disrupting the wine industry's male-heavy stereotype and the importance of owning her femininity

Pizza slices, sidewalk sandwiches and a love letter to London

This week, pizza slices and sidewalk sandwiches abound as Molly reflects on her five days eating around New York, and how visiting the Big Apple made her appreciate London more than ever

Roberta Hall-McCarron interview: "You can run a kitchen and have a kid"

The chef and owner of Edinburgh's The Little Chartroom and Eleanore talks to Molly Codyre about growing the business, the joy of teaching, and how having a child doesn't have to impact your work as a chef

Tomatoes, trotters and a trip to New York

In advance of her trip to New York City, London seems to show off for Molly Codyre as she takes an impromptu trip to Mangal 2, feasts on winter tomatoes at Brawn and orders more plates than the table can fit at Singburi

The best spots to visit during Marylebone Food Festival

In advance of the Marylebone's food festival, the we headed down to see what the neighbourhood has to offer

Quo Vadis: a century of history in the former home of Karl Marx

Originally opened in 1926 by Peppino Leoni in the former home of Karl Marx, Quo Vadis has seen many people pass through its doors over the years, cementing its status as one of London's most iconic dining institutions

Seafood cocktails, eye-watering eel sandwiches and a tiny cheese grater

It's a week of good food for staff writer Molly Codyre as she finds happiness in the Bentley's seafood cocktail, visits three Kudu sites in one go and has an incident with a pint-sized cheese grater

A week of avoiding cheese and discovering delis

This week, Molly kicks off a cheese fast with, er, cheese, dives into Carousel's Goila Butter Chicken residency and finds inspiration in a local lunch spot

#CookforUkraine: How the food industry is stepping up to donate to a country under siege

Launched by Clerkenwell Boy, Olia Hercules and Alissa Timoshkina, #CookforUkraine has spurred action from the London food scene. With 140 restaurants signed up and counting, alongside options for home cooks to get involved, it shows an industry rallying to support Ukraine