Molly Codyre

Deputy Editor

Molly has spent most of her life finishing one meal only to think about the next one, so it's fitting that she has made a career out of writing about food. She lets being a Kiwi take up far too much of her personality and it took her more time than she cares to admit to find a photo of herself without a wine glass in hand. 

Molly Codyre's articles

A career in kitchens was written in the stars for Dara Klein

Growing up in her parent's successful restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand, Dara Klein spent a decade working in other industries before finally finding the right fit in kitchens, giving a whole new meaning to professional destiny

Taking the High Road: a trip through the modern Scottish food scene

A road trip through its verdant countryside – and a stop-off in its capital – highlight how world-leading produce and an indelible sense of place are combining to make Scotland one of the most exciting places to eat in the world right now, writes Molly Codyre

The best new restaurant openings in London from 2022

This year saw a multitude of new restaurants cropping up around London, but which ones managed to cut through the noise? The Foodism team choose their favourites, and consult some chefs for their picks, too

Bre Graham wants you to cook for the people you love

The journalist and author speaks to Molly Codyre about her journey into food, showing love through cooking and the gendered reality of cookbook writing

Bellamy's: "The primary job of a menu is to seduce"

Famously one of the few restaurants frequented by the late Queen Elizabeth II, Bellamy's eschews snobbery in favour of a welcoming and warm presence, an attitude that has kept it going for 18 years

On solo drinking and the best dirty martini in London

Sitting at a bar counter on your own is a time-honoured tradition, and when it's with that most salacious and saline of cocktails, all the better, says Molly

For Maria Bradford, cooking isn't just about food, it's a connection to home

The chef and founder of Shwen Shwen speaks about the food of Sierra Leone, cooking through homesickness and the importance of centring women in conversations around African food

Your new favourite restaurant? It was probably Jules Pearson's idea

Jules Pearson is responsible for designing restaurant and bar concepts around the globe with hospitality group Ennismore. Molly Codyre speaks to her about travelling the world, juggling over 350 spaces and the importance of women in the workplace

From adobo to lechon, we look at the rise of Filipino restaurants in London

After a wonderful week in the Philippines, Molly attempts to quell her post-trip nostalgia by sniffing out the best Filipino food in London

In London's most iconic hotel, 116 years of history lay the foundations for forward-thinking cooking

The Ritz is such an impactful destination that it has forever changed our vocabulary. How do you cook food that stands up to a place with so much history, in one of the city's most glorious dining rooms?

Why am I so desperate for restaurant staff to like me?

This week, Molly ruminates on the value of great restaurant service, and ponders her predilection towards people-pleasing with waiting staff in a hard time for the hospitality industry

At SeeWoo, Lucy Mitchell has had a front row seat to Chinatown her whole life

For decades, SeeWoo has provided necessary produce and ingredients to Chinese restaurants and consumers around the UK. After taking over the business from her father, Lucy Mitchell is helping this indispensable food store become bigger and better than ever

Celebrate Día de los Muertos with these cocktail and snack pairings from KOL Mezcaleria

Take part in the storied Mexican celebration with these recipe pairings from Michelin-starred KOL restaurant and their downstairs mezcal bar

What are three-cornered leeks and how should you cook with them?

The newest allium to hit the foraging hype-train, the three-cornered leek is a great addition to your cooking repertoire. We chat to chefs and foragers on where to find them and how to use them

Eating around the world: food and holiday memories

Following the relaunch of Escapism magazine, Molly looks back at holiday meals past and builds her perfect meal, Mr Worldwide-style

In St John's Wood, a 79-year-old Jewish Deli has become a culinary status symbol

The iconic jade-green tote bags, the cult-favourite smoked salmon – Panzer's Deli is a local institution that's deeply entrenched in the St John's Wood community

Ixta Belfrage: "I was one woman of about 15 male chefs. It was tricky"

From the stoves of NOPI to the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen and then her own thriving solo career, Ixta Belfrage is the new name in cooking you need to know

What are native oysters and how should you eat them?

As the bivalves come back into season, Molly Codyre chats to chefs about what makes native oysters so great and how to best eat them

The World's 50 Best Bars and London's cocktail culture

On a trip to mix with the globe's foremost bartenders at the World's 50 Best Bars awards in Barcelona, Molly is reminded of London's giant cultural footprint in the global drinks-making scene

Emma Rice: "It was almost like they'd set you up to fail"

The winemaker speaks about her journey into winemaking, being a woman in a male-dominated industry and the exciting English wine industry