Molly Codyre

Deputy Editor

Molly has spent most of her life finishing one meal only to think about the next one, so it's fitting that she has made a career out of writing about food. She lets being a Kiwi take up far too much of her personality and it took her more time than she cares to admit to find a photo of herself without a wine glass in hand. 

Molly Codyre's articles

The new wave of fine ciders serving as wine and champagne alternatives

British cider is shaking off its unassuming reputation and having a modern-day renaissance as a challenger to fine wine and champagne. Molly Codyre meets some of the leading lights

Zest and zeal: visiting Todolí Citrus Foundation in Valencia

On a trip to Todolí in Valencia with the founders of Toklas restaurant, Molly Codyre gets a closer look at a foundation preserving weird and wonderful varieties of citrus fruits

Tarama, tzatziki and too much ouzo: the joys of a fortnight of eating in Greece

After two weeks of endless plates of dips, grilled fish and too much feta, Molly Codyre reflects on the simple joy of Greek food and the perfect holiday meal

At Mingary Castle Jessica Thompson is proving age has no bearing on success

The co-owner and general manager of Mingary Castle speaks to Molly Codyre about her glittering career, imposter syndrome and the impact the hospitality industry can have on your mental health

In Southall, Chet Sharma provides the culinary context for his contemporary Indian restaurant, BiBi

Molly joins the chef and owner of BiBi takes as he takes his staff on a trip around Southall – an area of London with a large Indian population – to educate them on the cultural context of the food they cook and serve in Mayfair

In St Ives, a new generation of food and drink businesses are tempting even the hardiest of Londoners into moving

The seaside town has seen a host of new bars and restaurants opening, attracting Londoners in droves – with Molly at the front of the queue

From Copenhagen to Crocadon, Cat Kirkwood is building a career around sustainability

After eight years in Copenhagen, six of them working at the genre-defining Amass, Cat Kirkwood has unsurprisingly moved onto the UK's hottest new ticket in sustainability: Crocadon Farm

London's love affair with the wood-fired grill

As energy prices soar, an increasing number of new openings are turning their backs on electricity and gas in the kitchen in favour of cooking over fire. Molly Codyre looks into why

Emily Acha Derrington is shining a light on what it means to be a parent in the hospitality industry

In between building cracking wine lists, the wine buyer at Manteca and Smokestak has built a support network for mums and dads in hospitality, shining a spotlight on the issues parents face in the industry

Once again, the Michelin guide has failed to acknowledge female chefs

As an all-male, and almost entirely white line up of new Michelin-starred chefs was unveiled last night, Molly Codyre asks why the guide continues to overlook their female counterparts

No plate like home: the cure for homesickness lies in the kitchen

Living on the other side of the world from her family, Molly Codyre recounts finding a cure for homesickness in the dishes, dinners and recipes that have defined the good times and the bad

Finding Sugarland: discovering the world of rum in the Philippines with Don Papa

Filipino rum brand Don Papa has taken the origin story a step further, creating a home that pushes the boundaries of truth and fantasy. Molly Codyre heads to the island of Negros for a deep dive

Annabel Thomas is shaking up gendered perceptions around whisky

The founder and CEO of Nc'nean distillery talks about the false idea that women don't like whisky, the importance of sustainability and ushering in a new generation of scotch makers

Sometimes the best meal is one you have at home

This week, Molly made use of her home kitchen more than those of London's restaurants. In advance of our home cooking issue, she pens a defence of a good night in

Bomee Ki: "I want to be a great chef, but I want to be a great mum too"

From moving halfway across the world to open a restaurant, to battling the Coronavirus lockdowns, throughout it all Bomee Ki has been deftly juggling starting a business with looking after two kids. She chats to Molly Codyre about her career path, the impact of motherhood on the job and the success of Sollip

Multi-venue meals: a love letter to the moving feast

A notorious commitment-phobe, Molly is easily seduced by restaurants that keep things lively with a meal that takes place across a procession of spaces

For 35 years, The River Cafe has remained one of London's most significant restaurants

When it opened in 1987, The River Cafe fundamentally changed what it meant to eat in London. 35 years on, the restaurant's impact endures

Min Go is putting her money where her sourdough is

The head baker at Hampton Manor speaks to Molly Codyre about the importance of creating change with your sourcing, using heritage grains and the physical impact of the job

After three years, an overdue trip home serves as a culinary education

Fresh off a month at home, Molly muses on the joy of New Zealand food and its absence from the London food scene

It's leek season! Make the most of it with these recipes from top London chefs

As sales of leeks dropped to record lows last year, we say: viva la leek! Make the most of this subtly sweet vegetable with these recipes from some of our favourite London chefs