Molly Codyre

Deputy Editor

Molly has spent most of her life finishing one meal only to think about the next one, so it's fitting that she has made a career out of writing about food. She lets being a Kiwi take up far too much of her personality and it took her more time than she cares to admit to find a photo of herself without a wine glass in hand. 

Molly Codyre's articles

Green shoots: the champagne producer spearheading environmental change

Champagne Telmont is a producer recognising its power to create environmental change through work on the vineyard. Molly Codyre heads for a close look at this newly reborn and progressive maison

Ten years on, the small plates wine bar reigns supreme in London

As the capital embraces main meals and set menus, Molly Codyre asks: is the small plates wine bar's hold over London dining finally coming to an end?

Under the sea: can fishing ever really be sustainable?

As films and discourse continue to debate the ethics of eating seafood, Molly Codyre meets the people aiming to create a new template for a genuinely sustainable fishing industry

Villa Maria: the wine for life's best moments

Set in beautiful Marlborough, Villa Maria has become an icon of New Zealand winemaking, known for a stable of top-quality wines that are emblematic of the country's best qualities

Ella Risbridger: "I couldn’t write about my life without writing about food"

The inherent link between food and emotion is something Ella Risbridger knows well. The author speaks to Molly Codyre about writing, cooking, and finding joy in the kitchen

For three decades, through fire and furore, Pied à Terre has endured

Over its 31 year history Pied à Terre has lived through changing chefs, tabloid scandals and Michelin stars. Through it all, David Moore has remained at the front lines, greeting guests and ushering the restaurant forward

Where should you take visitors to eat in London?

In a city with as rich and varied a restaurant scene as London, trying to summarise it for visiting loved ones can feel like an unmanageable task. This week, Molly Codyre tries her best to answer this question when her family finally make it over from New Zealand

Harriet Mansell: "I never set out to have an all-female kitchen, I just wanted chefs who were passionate"

The Lyme Regis-based chef talks to Molly Codyre about cooking on yachts, opening up a restaurant during Covid and the significance of a Michelin star

History and food come together in A. Wong's Five Movements menu

Two-Michelin-starred chef Andrew Wong has been working with food historian and anthropologist Mukta Das for almost a decade. The new Five Movements menu at A. Wong is the culmination of their work looking at the historical banquets of China

Somewhere between a rollercoaster and a Michelin star sits the real Margate

An exercise in contrasts, Margate is a town with a thriving food scene that has somehow still held onto its roots. This week, Molly eats her way around it and digs out the best places to visit

E Pellicci, Bethnal Green Road: a café with a story to tell

Originally opened in 1900 by the grandparents of the current owners, E Pellicci has a long and storied history that has formed strong ties with the community

Andi Oliver: "After a certain age, women start to feel invisible"

From cooking feasts for drunken revellers at a legendary London nightclub, to hosting Great British Menu, it's fair to say Andi Oliver has had a multifaceted career. She speaks to Molly Codyre about music, food and cooking through her Black British identity.

Last night a mac and cheese saved my life

At modern music festivals, you're just as likely to get gnocchi at 10am as you are a Michelin-starred meal for dinner. This week, Molly looks into how festivals got quite so gourmet

Selin Kiazim: "People are trying, but there's still a long way to go"

The acclaimed chef talks to Molly Codyre about how a trip to New Zealand set the wheels in motion for her career, the power of fusion cooking and the dichotomy between male and female chefs on TV

Hometown honey: the rise in British mead

Far from a drink that exists only in history books, mead is having a renaissance in London and beyond. Molly Codyre dives in

Supper club and the city: How the transient dining scene is taking over London

The supper club and pop-up scene has long swept through London, but seems to be having a moment right now. So what exactly do they bring to the city's dining landscape?

Ravneet Gill: "I think my job in life is to be of service to people"

The chef, TV show host, cookbook author and business owner talks about her varied career, trying to positively impact working conditions in the industry and her coveted orange folder

St John: "The rules were very simple: no music, no flowers, no curtains."

With an impact on the dining scene that extends beyond the UK and around the world, Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver's St John is an institution in every sense of the word

The biggest oyster I've ever seen

This week Molly's life flashes before her eyes as she eats a monstrous oyster, and it gets her thinking: with molluscs taking over menus in the capital, where might you find London's best oyster?

Shuko Oda: "We don’t take racism, sexism – it’s not something we’ve ever accepted"

The chef and co-owner of Koya, Shuko Oda talks to Molly Codyre about triggering London's love for udon, her gratitude to Wagamama and changing the industry for the better