Where to eat sustainably in Regent Street and St James's

The historic streets of Regent Street and St James's boast a slew of forward-thinking restaurants and bars that put sustainability at the top of their agenda

Sustainability has never been more in people's minds, and so it should be. Thankfully, as the subject becomes more mainstream, it gets easier to find great restaurants and bars that put eco-friendly eating on the table.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy boundary pushing food and drink, the areas of Regent Street and St James's have it all and then some.
In Regent Street, iconic Gaucho has just introduced a new socially responsible vision for its restaurants.

At the Charlotte Street location, ten per cent of the team have been recruited with partnerships with charities like Clink and Only A Pavement Away, which aim to increase inclusivity; while in the kitchens, Gaucho is working with its suppliers to improve the environmental impact of the food it serves.

Elsewhere, Neat Burger – one of London's coolest vegan burger joints – has partnered with The Eden Project to plant a tree for every product sold.

For serious foodies, Fallow will need little introduction: everything from the sourcing of the food down to the menu, which is printed from paper made from harvested algae, is designed with the environment in mind – and it's widely regarded to be one of London's best
recent openings.

Regent Street & St James's

While over in St James's, Scully, Cafe Murano and Ikoyi similarly have a focus on working with their suppliers and farmers to find the best-tasting ingredients that are farmed in a way that benefits people and planet.

The Beau Brummell, too, ensures its ingredients are sustainably sourced, offering a true farm-to-table experience that links its diners with the best food found around the UK.

Whether you're looking for a quick bite after work, or a meal to linger over with loved ones, the restaurants of Regent Street and St James's offer a way to eat both delicious food and eat more sustainably. And that sounds pretty great to us.

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