Stressing over this year's Christmas dinner? Don't – the experts at Big Green Egg have given you a guide to the ideal turkey this year.

Size it up

The bigger a bird gets, the more meat in proportion to bone it will yield. An example? An 11-12b turkey will serve around 11 guests and fit on a medium Big Green Egg. But a 18-20lb one would fit on a large Big Green Egg and serve 20-22 people (or 10 people with loads of leftovers).

Get scientific

Brining sounds complicated, but is easier than you think and ensures a really juicy turkey. For those unfamiliar with brining, here's the simple science: a brine is a mix of salt, sugar and water that you soak the turkey in. The solution is absorbed by the turkey meat via osmosis, and once inside the meat fibres the salts and sugars cause the cell proteins to “unravel”, creating a cell matrix that holds onto the water, meaning a plumper, juicier bird before you start cooking. Add dried herbs and spices to the mixture for added flavour.

Go digital

Always use a digital thermometer to check your poultry is properly cooked. It should read a minimum of 165°F or 74°C.

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Free KellyBronze

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Let it rest

Wrap your turkey in tinfoil and a towel after taking it out of the oven. The meat will carry on cooking, and 20-30 minutes will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the bird, rather than on the plate if you cut into it too soon.


In Britain we tend to veer towards a savoury stuffing profile, whereas Americans get fruity at Thanksgiving.Follow their lead and try a cranberry, orange zest, walnut and breadcrumb stuffing instead. Add a handful of apple wood chips when cooking for a hint of sweet smoke on your turkey.

Lovely leftovers

Having roasted your turkey in your Big Green Egg, create some delicious leftover meals with some of our popular egg-cessories!

  • Dutch Oven: cook a turkey chilli
  • Rectangular Drip Pan: Smoke some spicy turkey nachos with melted cheese
  • Baking Stone: Make a turkey, brie, cranberry and red onion pizza – or how about one topped with turkey, bacon, spinach and goat's cheese?

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