This film shows a day in the life of a family-run British cheesemaker

Ever wondered what it takes to run a thriving dairy business? As part of the #farm24 initiative, Sunrise to Sunset shows a day in the life of Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses' family farm

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses is a family business to its core. And running a business like this – where everything from the Jersey cows that produce its creamy milk to the processes that turn it into one of Butlers' delicious cheeses is done with painstaking care and attention on the family's farm – is no mean feat.

That's why the #farm24 initiative exists – to shed light on British farming practices and show the world how much love – and work – goes into creating the food we love so much. It's something Katie (née Butler) and George Stott know all about: the young couple (26 and 28 respectively) continue the family tradition with round-the-clock work, seven days a week, on their dairy farm in the Forest of Bowland, rearing Jersey cows to supply to Butlers for its range of cheeses.

As part of the initiative, Butlers Farmhouse Cheese has put together films that shed light on the daily processes of its dairy farming and cheesemaking. Sunrise to Sunset follows Katie and George – as well as their two-year-old Henry – on a typical day on the farm. You can watch the video above.

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