Felt like you went a little hard on the alcohol this Christmas? Worried that you won't be able to reduce your alcohol intake this January without damaging your social life? Fear not: you can still go out in January even if you aren't drinking alcohol, y'know.

By now, Dry January is definitely a thing – in fact, a whopping 4.2m people signed up to Dry January in 2019 – a figure that's only predicted to rise as more than half the UK population are reportedly looking to reduce their alcohol intake this year.

That said, if you do want to keep a bit of the old you knocking about, you can still drink the same drinks you know and love. You can just have them made with STRYYK instead. The ease and familiarity of switching from alcoholic spirits to non-alcoholic serves has never been easier thanks to how STRYYK acts as a plug-and-play substitute for all gin, vodka and rum spirits.

Not only that, but STRYYK spirits are also healthier and have significantly less calories and sugar than a standard soft drink. A study conducted by STRYYK found that 83% of people feel there isn't enough non-alcoholic options available in pubs, bars and restaurants. So, they're tackling that problem with a STRYYK Trail designed to help you find some of the coolest hotspots in London to grab a non-alcoholic cocktail.

You can try STRYYK for free this January by downloading the Dusk app, or check out the STRYYK Trail this January to see which of your favourite bars will be holding STRYYK offers.

Buy STRYYK here, find out more about the STRYYK Trail here and check out the brand on Instagram and Facebook to keep up-to-date with all the Dry January going-ons.