Get 50% off your first ODDBOX delivery

Get fresh fruit and veg delivered directly to your door and do your bit to help people and the planet, all in one fell swoop – all you need to do is shop with ODDBOX


More than one third of the food produced goes to waste. Throw in the fact that more than eight million in the UK live in poverty, and it seems like there should be a simple answer. It's easy – and tasty – to do your bit. Subscribe to ODDBOX, the sustainable fruit and veg box that rescues produce that would have gone to waste, directly from the farm. Here's what makes ODDBOX so great:

Fight food waste

With every medium ODDBOX you buy, you save an average of 7kg of vegetables from going to waste, 14kg of CO2 emissions (the equivalent of 35 miles in a car), and up to 1,722 litres of water.

Reduce plastic

Fruit and veg arrive at your doorstep in a cardboard box that can be collected, reused and recycled.

Help those in need

ODDBOX donates up to 10% of its produce to local charities that work to fight food poverty.

Boxes start from £9.45 Get 50% off your first delivery using code "foodism" at the checkout and start saving the planet one box at a time.