Let's face it: every year, despite our best intentions, someone's Christmas gift always gets left until the last minute. We hate to break it to you, but time is running out – but you can relax, as we've got a solution for you in the form of La Belle Assiette.

The ideal gift for food lovers, whether they like eating it or cooking it, La Belle Assiette's packages mean you can enjoy a private chef experience in the comfort of your own home.

You can organise a romantic meal for two cooked by your very own chef for the evening, or have a family cookery class in your kitchen. If you're not sure which to plump for, you can even get a gift voucher so the recipient can take their pick.

We're not sure what's best, that the chef cleans up after themselves, or that you can produce such a brilliant gift at the click of a mouse.

Head to their website to see all their gift packages.

For more information visit labelleassiette.co.uk.