Mount Gay: the drink of choice this summer

With three centuries of distilling history, Mount Gay rum has time on its side

When it comes to a great rum like Mount Gay, the key ingredient is time: not only the time it takes to age in an oak barrel or the 315-year-old recipe that transforms the drink from raw ingredients to delicious bottled spirit, but the time we spend together kicking back and enjoying a drink with family and friends.

This time is not contrived, it's not a run of show, and it's certainly not a forced encounter: it's great conversation, it's great company, it's great rum and – most importantly – it's time well spent.

That's what sets Mount Gay apart from the rest: the good times. The good times and the serious amount of time invested in every bottle. Dating back to a pot still in Barbados way back in 1703, Mount Gay is certified as the world's oldest rum producer, and the distillery's ethos has always been the same.

"Our rum is ready when it's ready, not before," says master blender Allen Smith, and whether you're drinking Mount Gay Black Barrel, Mount Gay XO or the newly launched Mount Gay 1703 Master Select, it's well worth the wait.

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