Rediscover the pleasures of potato vodka with Luksusowa Vodka

The simple and smooth taste of potato vodka is brought to life by Luksusowa Vodka – one of Poland's oldest and most premium distillers of the popular spud-based spirit

Luksusowa Vodka

Fry 'em, boil 'em, mash 'em… drink ’em? The potato is truly a versatile little thing, isn't it? And, while it’s excellent at filling your stomach after a night out on the tiles, it’s easy to forget that the humble potato is a vital ingredient in a lot of premium vodkas.

Vodka made from fermented potatoes is something of a Polish specialty – and, created in 1928, Luksusowa is one of the oldest Polish vodka brands available today. Taking its name from the Polish word for "luxury", Luksusowa represents this through the high-quality grade of its potato production. Luksusowa doesn't just use any potatoes, either: all of the specially cultivated potatoes come from the western and northern parts of Poland and contain around 20% of starch compared to the standard 10% you'd find in a normal eating potato. What that means for you is that, compared to grain-based vodkas, potato vodka delivers a richer and more intense character along with a smoother mouthfeel and finish.

Luksusowa is a standout example of that smoothness. It is, after all, the only Polish vodka to be awarded the Gold Medal 10 times in a row at the annual International Monde selection competition in Brussels. Not just any old vodka can call itself Polish, either. Which is why each bottle of Luksusowa bears the official stamp of the Polish Vodka Association, signifying that it meets all of the rigorous criteria needed to be classified as a Polish Vodka. Making Luksusowa pretty pedigree stuff.

To give Luksusowa a proper London test-drive, we'd recommended visiting your local Mother Kelly's or Brewdog and ordering a Lukso Sonic vodka mixer. It's a simple drink made from two parts Luksusowa, ½ part lime juice, and five parts tonic that lets the spirit's native flavour shine through.

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