They say that variety is the spice of life, and – when it comes to the food department – we’d have to admit that we agree. It’s all too often that we find ourselves stuck in a rut of eating the same old thing day after day. We love trying new foods and flavours but who’s actually got the time to sift through the endless aisles of a supermarket when you can’t guarantee you’ll ever find something delicious? Not us.

That’s where Degusta Box comes in. It’s a monthly subscription box service that delivers a hamper to you containing up to 15 surprise and full size food and drink goods every month, many of which are completely new to the market.

Each box will only set you back £12.99 and is comprised of products with a combined value of around £25 every single month. Which is, y’know, pretty incredible value for money when you think about it. But that’s not all that’s great about Degusta Box. You’ll also find a variety of different products to try in every box, making Degusta Box ideal for for the curious food lovers who enjoys trying new products and saving money along the way.

There’s absolutely no commitment, either. If you don’t like your first box, you can let Degusta Box know before the 11th of the month and you can cancel your subscription. To ensure every box is up to standard, customers are given the chance to review the products they have in their box, giving their opinions and suggestions to the various brands Degusta Box works with.

Use discount code ‘FOODISM’ to try your first Degusta Box for just £7.99, plus free delivery and two free bonus items.

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