The St Germain Spritz

The ultimate easy-drinking summer serve, the refreshing St-Germain spritz is a simple cocktail that only needs three ingredients

St-Germain spritz recipe: close up
St-Germain spritz recipe: on a summer table

Makes 1

Preparation time 5 mins

When it comes to choosing your summer drink, you need something just as chic as you: a serve with a touch of je ne sais quoi that'll you through hot days and long nights. Something worth a celebration. Something easy and delicious that requires minimum effort to assemble, but is the perfect summer refreshment. Enter the St-Germain spritz.

But first, time for a little refresher on this legendary liqueur.

St-Germain is the world's first French elderflower liqueur with each bottle made from up to 1,000 fresh, wild, handpicked elderflower blossoms in every bottle.

Extremely versatile, the liqueur has a uniquely delicate and interesting flavour profile that works for an array of different cocktail serves.

By adding just a dash, it will elevate just about any cocktail and sometimes is referred to as the "bartender's salt and pepper" for the way it enriches any drink experience.

Franck Dedieu, St-Germain's brand ambassador explains: "One of the most prevalent trends in the last few years has been the rise in Italian-style spritz drinks that have surged in popularity along with apéro culture."

"St-Germain lends itself extremely well as an aperitif drink due to its exquisitely fresh and natural flavour that is perfectly balanced and refined, giving you the complex and sophisticated flavour profile to heighten your drinking experience. The liqueur aims to please and so with just a few drops, can make any cocktail bloom."

Intrinsically French, seductively Parisian, St-Germain will delight your palette with its grapefruit and pear tasting notes mixed with hints of honeysuckle. And even better, the simple yet sophisticated St-Germain spritz only needs three ingredients to make. Just pour, stir, enjoy, and repeat.


  • 40ml St-Germain
  • 60ml sparkling wine
  • 60ml sparkling water
  • A twist of lemon, to garnish


  1. Mix all ingredients in a tall glass with ice.
  2. Garnish with the lemon.

Available to buy from Waitrose for £19.