Flavour of the Week: Joe's Southern Kitchen & Bar, Covent Garden

With the US barbecue revolution showing no signs of slowing, we pay a visit to one of its first exponents, the excellent Joe's Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden

Joe's Southern Kitchen Covent Garden

What's the draw

Like dude-food? FINE, HAVE ALL THE DUDE-FOOD. We jest, but there's not a US BBQ classic you won't find a version of on the menu at Joe's Southern Kitchen, with a particular emphasis on Nashville-style barbecue and fried chicken and, of course, bourbon.

What to drink

We ordered a boilermaker to start – Anchor Steam Ale from San Fran with a shot of Jim Beam, to be exact. The menu might seem on the compact side until you get to the last couple of pages, where the lists of tequila, bourbon and rye whiskey make for very happy reading if you're a spirits geek. If you fancy a cocktail, the Rumdog Millionaire – built with rum, ginger, mango and crème de mure – is as good as its name.

What to eat

You know the deal: throw away any pretense of eating daintily, order to share, and get stuck in. We loved, among other things, moreish wings with Tabasco and honey drizzle, 8-hour slow-roasted short rib slathered in sauce (the way it falls off the bone is the only delicate thing about the dish, trust us), mac n' cheese (our weakness), fries laden with chilli and American cheese, and half a chicken fried and daubed in Joe's 'Nashville hot' sauce, just because. As for dessert, let's just say we'll see Joe again for round two.

Dinner and drinks for two, about £70. 34 King St, London WC2E 8JD;