When the Mistral Wind blows, the spirit of the south of France carries you away… and that sensation is now available from Wanderlust drinks company, with Mistral Gin, an easy sipper that celebrates 'la vie en rosé’.

Distilled in Provence, this sophisticated award-winning craft gin will surprise you with its fresh and distinctive flavours, fascinate you with its subtle rose colour, and transport you to a land bathed in sunshine. Distilled with the main six botanicals found in a classic London dry gin – juniper, cardamom, iris, pink pepper, coriander and grain of paradise – the gin is then enhanced with a series of botanicals grown in the lush provencal hills around the distillery.

Nestled into the foothills of Montagne de Lure, the local region has been a hotspot for herb growth for centuries. While medicinal herbs have been gathered here since the Middle Ages, its reputation really got going in the 17th and 18th centuries when numerous pharmacists and apothecaries settled into the region to make the most of its bucolic nature. Mistral incorporates this history into its gin, adding a further six local herbs – basil, fennel, mint, eucalpytus, pink grapefruit and thyme – into its distillation to create a well-balanced, flavourful gin that sings with the unique history of its home. 

Enjoy neat, as a long drink or enhanced with a sprig of basil for a light lunch or after work socialising – one taste of Mistral Gin is an extraordinary gustatory adventure and a discovery of the unique South of France lifestyle, all at the same time.

With just one sip you'll sense the distinctive scent of garrigue floating through the air; an array of fragrances exuding from a lush garden; the sound of crickets dancing in the distance with the gentle warmth of the sun on your face. You have just felt the spirit of Mistral Gin – it is an extraordinary taste sensation reminiscent of the unique life encountered in the South of France.

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