Spritz up your summer with Cocchi Rosa

Brimming with notes of wild rose and berries, this Italian-made aperitivo is set to be the drink of the summer

Cocchi Rosa

There's nothing that says summer more than enjoying a refreshing spritz on a balmy English afternoon. To add a bit of Italian edge to your enjoyment of the good weather, we'd recommend making your go-to drink this summer a Cocchi Rosa spritz.

Hardly the new kids on the block, Cocchi has been making aromatised wines since 1891. It's a historical drink with a pretty historical reputation. As a family-owned business started by former pastry chef Giulio Cocchi, the wine can be found in a range of London's finest bars and restaurants including The Savoy, Polpo, HIDE and Pachamama. Our personal favourite for these warmer months is the striking Cocchi Rosa.

The Cocchi Rosa aperitif wine is produced using a base of red wines (sourced from Piedmont) before a smattering of herbs and spice extracts (including citrus zest and rose petals) are added to the concoction. Its brilliant and bright colour is a direct result of the wines used in the production, meaning Cocchi Rosa is not only delicious but also 100% natural and uses no colouring agents.

Although it's fine on its lonesome, we've quickly found the best way to enjoy the Cocchi Rosa is in a refreshing spritz. Brimming with those notes of wild rose and berries, this Italian-made aperitivo is set to be the drink of the summer. All you have to do make this tasty drink is combine 60ml Cocchi Rosa, 100ml tonic, and serve it over ice with slices of strawberry and a sprig of basil. It's easy and simple to make at home and requires minimal effort for a maximum taste reward.

Get a bottle of your own at Waitrose, Amazon or The Whisky Exchange. Follow Cocchi Spritz on Instagram and find out more about the rest of Cocchi's range at: